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Pickup Coil Selector Position

Neck: Dynamic and strong low frequencies, especially useful for players that use a pick

Middle: Bright tones combined with fat, attacking lows, creating a great slap sound

Bridge: Subtle emphasis of the ATK's bright side but without the thinness often associated with traditional bridge pickups


Frequency Response

Double Humbucker Pickup

ATK200 features the original Ibanez Double Humbucker pickup, which offers three distinct sounds for all styles of playing. There are two humbucking coils inside one pickup, which can minimize noise by hum cancelling in each pickup position (neck, combined, and bridge.)

With each position, you will get a different tonal character of the ATK200.

Arched Pickup

ATK200 utilizes the arched double-humbucking pickup, which allows for a uniform distance from each string to the pickup. This ensures a more balanced sound.