Ibanez's premiere acoustic, the Artwood, is now dressed finer than fine for 2011. Grover® Tuners, bone nut and saddle, along with a more traditional neck shape is stopping guitar shop denizens in their tracks.

Wondering how the different Artwood body shapes relate to performance and playing style? Here's a quick guide.

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The biggest in size, the biggest in sound. Demo a dreadnought side-by-side with other body shapes and the first thing you'll notice is the "boominess" of the bigger guitar. Newbies sometimes jump to the conclusion: bigger must mean better, right? For some yes, for some no. In general, the dreadnought is a favorite of strumming flatpickers who are looking for maximum acoustic volume. But, for that volume, the laws of physics demand a trade-off. The larger scale of a dreadnought requires slightly more physical force from the player to get the bigger top vibrating to its natural sonic sweet spot. We should also mention here that players of smaller physical stature may find the dreadnought too large for comfort.

Same as above, but with a shade less body size, exchanged for the benefit of access to the fingerboard's high notes.

Body Style: Dreadnought

Width: 15.75"

Depth: 4.75"

Length: 20"

Available Models +

The slightly smaller, more curvaceous Grand Concert is favored by players whose styles are more finesse oriented-fingerstyle and/or lighter-touch flatpick methods. Also, many are of the opinion that the slightly more upper mid-range voice of the Grand Concert body produces a clearer, cleaner presence when mixed with other instruments, in both live and recorded situations. Grand Concert players also praise the fit of this body type. In the seated position it straddles the thigh and generally stays put a little better than its big brother.

Same as with the dreadnought cutaways: a bit of body size is traded off to give the player some room to move in the upper octave.

Body Style: Grand Concert

Width: 14.75" - 15"

Depth: 4" - 4.5"

Length: 18.5" - 19.25"

Traditional Acoustic Electric
Tranditional Full Acoustic