Tosin Abasi discusses his Ibanez TAM100 8-String signature model

In this video, Ibanez sits down with Tosin Abasi from Animals As Leaders to discuss his new signature model, TAM100. This amazing instrument is crafted in Japan, and features a wide array of features including DiMarzio® pickups, a wenge/bubinga neck, basswood body with quilted maple top, and stunning gold hardware.

Steve Vai discusses his new 7-string signature model, the JEM7V7

In this short interview, guitarist and composer Steve Vai discusses the inspiration and features of the JEM7V7 guitar. Based on many requests from players and fans throughout the world, Ibanez introduces the JEM7V7 7-string JEM, featuring a 5-piece maple/wenge neck, DiMarzio Blaze pickups, Lo-Pro Edge 7 tremolo and the iconic Tree-of-Life inlay

Acle Kahney and James Monteith of TesseracT Discuss their use of 7-String guitars

TesseracT is a UK-based progressive metal. Their massive and unique guitar sound has garnered
a lot of positive attention since the release of their debut record "One" on Century Media Records.
In this video interview, guitarists Acle Kahney and James Monteith talk about their use of 7-String
extended range guitars, what influenced them to use these guitars and how these instruments
have helped shape their own sound.

Mårten Hagström from Meshuggah Discusses The M8M

New Mesheggah 8-String Signature Guitar
Mårten Hagström from Meshuggah discusses at length the inspiration and features of the new
M8M signature guitar. Manufactured in a small facility in Japan with the highest regard to
material selection and craftsmanship, the Ibanez M8M is the premier 8-String guitar for today's
metal musician.

Animals As Leaders on 7 and 8-String Guitars

Tosin Abasi and Javier Reyes trace their musical paths to their present groudbreaking work,
along with the role that Ibanez 7 and 8-Strings guitars have played in their development.

Ihsahn speaks about his 7 and 8-String Guitars

Ibanez sits down with Norwegian metal legend Ihsahn during his recent tour of Japan.
Hear him discuss his use of 7 and 8-String guitars in both live and studio settings and how they
challenge him to come up with unique new musical ideas. Be sure to check out his new release
'Eremita' which will be available in June 2012!

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