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Ibanez Signature Series - Artist's Choice

Steve Vai Signature Models

Steve Vai Signature Models

The original guitars that Steve Vai took to international acclaim. Fast, slim and ultra-playable 24-fret neck with perfectly matched DiMarzios® are just a few of the features that make this the super player's super-axe.
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Munky Signature Models

Munky / Korn Signature Models

That the APEX is factory-tuned a full step down should give some indication of dark canyons that this instrument is built to explore. Designed by Korn's Munky, the Apex features a slim, flat, comfortable neck.
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Head Signature Models

Head / Korn Signature Models

Brian "Head" Welch's new signature 7-string model is a talisman to creative longevity, friendship and of course amazing music. An integral component of the massive sonic attack that Korn is known for, the KOMRAD20 is not only his live axe, but the instrument he used on all tracks of Korn's recent release, "Paradigm Shift."
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Meshuggah Signature Models

Fredrik Thordendal & Mårten Hagström / Meshuggah Signature Models

The 8-String concept designed to beastly proportion. Meshuggah's go-to guitar is rich with features that make this the 8-String dream-come-true.
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Tosin Abasi Signature Models

Tosin Abasi / Animals As Leaders Signature Models

Tosin Abasi's technical skill and passion have made him the subject of massive musical journalism coverage the world over. The TAM100 and the more affordable TAM10 combines what Abasi believed to be the best features of Ibanez guitars he'd played in the past while incorporating new ideas that would enhance his personal style and approach to the instrument.
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