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Ibanez S Series - Grace Under Fire

A recent addition to the Ibanez 7-String lineup, the S itself is certainly no stranger to Ibanez fanatics. Twenty-five years ago, as good a guitar maker as Ibanez was, we still hadn't proven ourselves as originators. The S changed all that. This cutting edge of Ibanez design, the S series, continues to be a marvel of form and function. Its signature body shape—sculpted, lightweight, and mahogany—is stronger and more musically responsive than guitars weighing twice as much. Though no longer called by its original name, the Saber, the S series is still a rock 'n' roll version of that quick, graceful and potentially lethal weapon.


S5527QFXDPB 7-String Guitar
S5527QFXDPB    Click for complete specs

S5527TKS 7-String Guitar
S5527TKS    Click for complete specs

SIX27FDBGNT 7-String Guitar
SIX27FDBGNT    Click for complete specs

SIR27FDIPT 7-String Guitar
SIR27FDIPT    Click for complete specs

S7521QM TRB/TGB 7-String Guitars
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S7521BK 7-String Guitar
S7521BK    Click for complete specs


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